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Education Concept



-Stimulate children's interests, make a good habit of learning and improve children's comprehensive qualities.

-We are devoted to having the children's abilities developed, but we pay more attention to stimulating children's interests and improve their comprehensive qualities.


Stimulate children's interests: 

Interest is the best teacher. When children are interested in learning, their confidence and sense of accomplishment will be established, so they will be full of energy and eager to learn.


Cultivate children's learning habit:

Children can make progress with good learning habits. Improve children's comprehensive qualities: Children's learning ability, operating ability, logical thinking ability, and their creativity will be improved by training the thinking models and behavioral habits of children.


Education Features



Palatability: The courses are interesting, task-actuated, fulfilled with challenges and fun.

Practicality: Children can learn while handling. The application of knowledge will be achieved through learning, imitating and creating.

Applicability: The courses are appeal to all ages between 4 and 14 years old children. In addition, the courses also can meet the demands of children who are different in genders, personalities, hobbies and characteristics.

Forwardness: The courses keep up to the latest trends of science and education development, and it will help children to stand out in future.

Comprehensiveness: The courses are combined with mathematics, physics, mechanics, electronics and computer science. Knowledge and abilities in all respects of children will be developed.



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