International Curriculum

Education Concept



Help children to use the language area of brain to learn music like musicians, who enjoy music just like using a language; develop comprehensive quality of children; give children the chance to face the audience, and finally become a music genius who is good at expressing inner feelings by music.


A combination of Chinese tradition and the world

A combination of eastern and western culture

A combination of art and enlightenment

A combination of bilingual and international education


Education Features


Creative Educational Concept

Children can learn music in the way of learning their mother language. We change the traditional “spoon-feed” type of teaching and dull practice, which can truly help children understand music and use music.


Rich Performance Experience

There are not only different kinds of performances, but also the opportunities of performing with famous contemporary pianists together. We focus on cultivating children’s confidence, enhancing performance skills and enriching their experience.


Scientific Teaching System

Make the abstract notes becoming visible, touchable, understandable things and convert the esoteric music theory to interesting games, so children can enjoy the process of learning piano.



Education System



Education Team




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