International Curriculum

Education Concept

Bertie Public-speaking Club for Kids is the first educational institutions established to develop the children’s ability of public speaking.We advocate children’s public speaking skills should start when they are young. Fntegrating the East and West language culture,children will be interested in exercising the public speaking and public communication abilities.





Education Features

Bertie Public-speaking Club for Kids insistson small-class teaching, performing a show with a keynote presentation per week , a themed open day per month,eloquence display per quarter. The club designs teaching courses according to children’s age and interest, therefore they can create topics by their interests. According to the characteristics of children, the club will chose students for CETV Early Education Channel ,CCTV Kids Channel, Beijing TV Kaku Channel.





Education Team

Club teachers who have studied in the Major of Broadcasting and Pre-school Education have abundant experiences which can lead the children to study with integration of theory and practice.Different from traditional "Little Hoster" reciting and speaking, the courses aim to develop the children's " impromptu presentation skills" so that they can learn how to express their views.

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