International Curriculum

Education Concept



Combining arts and technology into children’s daily life. We aim to develop the cognitive learning abilities in children age from 3-12 years old. We base our teaching concept from The British Royal PME educational courses, which is developed and certified by professional educational experts. Our interesting and engaging classes will be able to develop children’s creativity, hands-on ability, communication skills and concentration technics. Ultimately, we hope the children will have a more nutritious diet and a healthier lifestyle by teaching children more knowledge about food and nutrition.



Education Features



Our teaching contents are combinations of various fun and engaging activities. Kids will be challenged from easy to more challenging tasks to aim to extent their potentials. Through our hands-on activities, we aim to further improve children’s hand-eye coordination and bi-spherical brain development. Baking is also a very conventional cooking activities all around the world, therefore the kids will be equipped with more international culinary knowledge.



Education Team





All of our international and local teaching staffs have at least two years of baking experiences. They have all undertook very strict and professional teaching training under KPE guidelines.  Their abundant knowledge in baking and teaching will guarantee students amazing learning experiences.

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