International Curriculum

Education Concept



-Content and Language Integrated Learning



-All English Teaching

-progressive teaching methodology

-Cultivate to Practice



Education Features



-Interactive Learning Experience

-Learn English through Different Themes

-Cultivate Writing and Reading

-Intensive Activities

-Strengthening Training



Education System


Englis Starter 3-6 Year-old

The interactive courses with multiple themes are designed for 3-6 years old kids. Facing kindergarten and low age period in primary school, using stories as the background to cultivate interests in learning English. To guide the children’s active participation and make them experience the joy of language learning. Aim to learn 300 vocabularies and 90 basic sentences.


 Englis Speaker 6-9Year-old

Focus on the cultivation of the four core English learning skills and multidimensional interaction to mobilize multi-sensory learning strategies: incorporated the story reading and phonics into the main subject courses. The children will be able to absorb more knowledge from broader range of contents. The children can learn 1000 vocabularies and 180 basic sentences. 


Englis Elite 9-12 Year-old

The course focuses on the comprehensive capacity training by dividing its content into different subjects. Teaching them the idea of categorize knowledge and skills. Aimed at making English becomes a tool and teaching children rich and comprehensive knowledge. To cultivate children’s abilities of use English; to develop international leadership skills and the ability of speech.


Englis Professional 12-18 Year-old

The series include 3 courses, learning theoretical knowledge, extension papers, creative thinking activities, community service (CAS). The theoretical knowledge course is a compulsory and interdisciplinary course, the purpose is to cultivate the students' abilities of judgment and to encourage students to question the basic knowledge so that to prevent the subjective assumption and the prejudication on ideology; enhance students’ ability of analysis and expression that based on rational foundation; Extension papers asked the students to make independent research that combined with the courses and to write a research paper of 4000 words. This requirement provides the chance for students to write papers according to their interests. Furthermore, it makes the students familiar with the method of independent research and practice their writing skills; CAS (Creativity, Action and Service creation, class activities and services), on behalf of the creation, operation and services, encouraging students to innovate; improve understanding; care for others; build their idea of teamwork. 



Education Team




All of our foreign teaching staffs are from foreign countries.  Their abundant teaching experience allow them accurately understand children’s physical and psychological behaviors and design individual learning plans base on students characteristics. Our Chinese support teachers all have qualifications in children's education. Most of them have oversea education background and obtained certificate. Our experienced foreign staffs combine with our professional local supporting staffs ensure the best quality English education for our students.

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