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-Official platform: CETV official international early education centre.

-Convenient work location: 8 minutes walk from the Yizhuang Cultural Park subway station.

-Professional team: professional operation and management system. Management team consists of managers with abundant experience in education industry.

-Competitive salaries: very competitive salary package among similar positions. Complete and well-designed training and promotion system.

-Benefits and allowances: Basic insurance and housing fund, transportation and meal allowances. Weekly afternoon teas, employee birthday activities and team building activities. Incentives for outstanding employees and managers etc.

-Career growth: simplified hierarchical management system optimal for employee’s personal growth and development.

-Working environment: 2300 square meter base designed by foreign interior designers. Optimum working environment and working with an energetic and positive team.


Innovate your ideas, respect your decisions.

We sincerely welcome you.

Let KIDA gives you’re a brighter future.




English Teaching Assistant

Job description:

  1. Working with our foreign teacher in daily classes. Objectives include preparation before class, keeping students in order during classes and tutoring student’s homework after class.
  2. Preparation for each class must be completed thoroughly. Attend all classes on time in accordance with the class schedule.
  3. Gather information regarding student’s performance at home and at school then combine student’s performance in class provide feedback to parents regarding student’s progress.
  4. Participate in trainings, speeches and meetings organized by the company.
  5. Complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor. Working with the team to achieve optimal results for the students and their parents.


Job requirements:

  1. Age between 25-35 years old, graduate students welcome
  2. Able to work during the weekend
  3. Positive and professional appearance, friendly and honest. Must be able to work under pressure and ability to serve clients.
  4. Applicants who major in English/education or have teaching experience/background will be prioritized.
  5. Passionate and dedicated to English teaching in children, have a mature and independent view regarding education industry.
  6. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must be energetic, goal driven, willing to take on responsibility and willing to help others.



Taekeondo Coach

Job description:

  1. Coaching Taekwondo’s fundamentals to children and teenagers. Communicating with student’s parents.
  2. Construct and design coaching plans and strategies according to individual’s characteristics.
  3. Keep track of students learning progress, finding the best way for each individual student to learn.
  4. Give out clear demonstration to students, maintain order in class.
  5. Helping with recruitment.


Job requirement:

  1. Passionate about Taekwondo. Must have an understanding of children and teenagers psychological characteristics.
  2. Must be proficient at all eight taegeuk forms.
  3. Minimum 1 year Taekwondo coaching experience, qualified for black belt for a minimum of 1 year. Applicants who have national/states level match awards will be prioritized.
  4. Applicants must be at least 20 years old.


Course Consultant

Job description:

  1. Communicate with parents through telephone or in person. Find out parent’s expectations from us, helping parents understand KIDA’s teaching objectives and services.
  2. Introducing our services and courses to parents, design individual student plans for each kid. Encouraging parents to let their children study with us.
  3. Record and store client’s information. Must complete regular revisit to clients, gather their feedback and understand their spending habit. Study and analyze feedbacks.
  4. Keep track of student’s learning progress and their membership remaining balance.
  5. Complete month sales target and encourage earning incentive by outstanding performance.
  6. Participate in trainings and meetings organized by the company. Keep perfecting sales and personal skills.
  7. Participate in demonstration classes, activities and various marketing activities.
  8. Complete other tasks assigned by supervisor.


Job requirement;

  1. Bachelor or diploma in Marketing, psychology, education or management.
  2. Familiar with modern sales and management system, great understanding of company’s incentive system.
  3. Must have abundant marking or sales experience, excellent sales awareness and skills.
  4. Must be observant and have the ability to reaction quickly base on customer’s behavior.
  5. Must be good at communicating with others. Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  6. Friendly and down to earth. Positive attitude towards tasks and challenges. Ability to work under pressure.
  7. Highly motivated and self disciplined, passionate and dedicated to the job.
  8. Goal driven and motivated to receive higher incentives by completing more sales.
  9. Applicants who have foreign experience or excel at English will be prioritized.
  10. Applicants who have experience in renowned educational institutions (e.g. EF, Wall Street) will be prioritized.
  11. Applicants who are passionate about children education will be prioritized.



Marketing Officer 

Job description:

  1. Organize various marketing activities base on current market information and updates.
  2. Convert marketing plans into detailed execution plans. Implement each part of the plan to a specific timeframe and carry out accordingly. Preparation of marketing materials and assign tasks to corresponding personnel.
  3. Assist department head to monitor and control all marketing activities. E.g. controlling activity costs.
  4. On site managing and monitoring marketing activities.
  5. Evaluate each marketing activities and compile detailed reports. Conclude activity’s effectiveness and recipient’s reaction to provide constructive feedback and suggestions.
  6. Create, expand and maintain all business relations. Ensure all business relationships are well taken care of, and willing to continue to work with the company for long terms.
  7. Complete other tasks assigned by supervisor and helping complete other marketing department tasks.


Job requirement:

  1. Bachelor degree/diploma in marketing, advertising, education, news or other related majors.
  2. Minimum 1 year sales, marketing or operation department experience in educational industry.
  3. Minimum 1 year activity/document organization experience. Ability to compile and edit marketing strategies and plans.
  4. Excel at online and offline advertising. Must have good awareness of online marketing.
  5. Excellent observational and adaptation abilities.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication abilities.
  7. Substantial analyzing, organization and coordination skills.
  8. Microsoft office proficient.



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