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  Located at Yizhuang University Creation Park of Beijing, K.I.D.A ( Kids’ Intelligence Development Academy) is the first one-stop international education base in southern Beijing belongs to CETV Early Education Channel offering the international education with the world’s high-quality international systems and brands. K.I.D.A ‘s mission is to expand international vision of young children aged 3-18, train the global leaders with the 4C (Culture and History, Creative, Communication and Collaboration) ability, at the same time build a global interactive platform and offer comprehensive services for families living in China.


  K.I.D.A Base divides into "education experience area" and "open relaxation area”. Educational experience area includes English Language Education , Visual Art Education, Music Art Education, Ballet Art Education, Creative Science Education, Physical Education-Taekwondo ,Life Science Classes,etc . Open relaxation area sets up bilingual reading library, western coffee house, creative art gallery, art and creative corner and charity discovery areas. K.I.D.A brings in the famous international education brand from Guomao CBD to provide the real INTERNATIONAL.

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