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Education Concept



Based on children’s characteristic and personality,  we focus on expression and experience, explores children’s inner potential and stimulate children’s creativity through different artistic expression.



Education Features



-Experimental and interactive teaching

-Theme-based and diverse art learning environment

-Professional step by step teaching system

-Explore inner potential



Education System


Baby art, age from 1-4.

This age group is the prime time for children’s sensory system development; they are extremely sensitive towards sensory cognitive learning through motions and sensory inputs. Hearing, touching, painting and many other sensory activities are combined with fun and interactive games in order to optimize children’s sensory development in arts.


Art expression, age from 4-8

As children’s cognitive learning becomes more objective, the differences in concepts begin to form in their creative state. The course is aimed to build the expressional bridge connecting the children’s creative state to the real world. The courses are aimed to enhance the children’s expression of consciousness through different forms of artistic expressions. Such as painting, sculpture, design, appreciation of arts and multimedia interactive art.


Art in life, age from 8-12

In an artist stand point. As long as something can be captured visually, then it can be recognized as a form of art or a carrier of art inspiration, despite how insignificant something is. We guide the children to experience and appreciate arts from different cultures. Also understand life is a form of art by introducing aesthetics and history of art to the kids. Ultimately we aim to make artistic creation and artistic expression become the children’s way of understanding and a form of communication with the world to form their unique way of understanding and imagination.


Art academy, age from 12-16

Kids in this age group start to have independent thinking and cognitive learning abilities. Therefore, the courses are developed in academic research style. Discovery stage, expression stage and understanding stage are the three main stages in these courses. They include traditional and contemporary art learning to help kids understand different forms of art, themes of art and carriers of art.


Education Team




Focus on researching and developing high-quality art education program.Pay close attention to children's experience, feeling and expression through interactive teaching. Understand children, understand art and have a deep love for creation. Create an international education environment with artistic atmosphere

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