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Program Description

The PEP program is an all day children education program proudly brought to you by the Kid’s Intelligence Development Academy (KIDA). We aim to enhance children’s study habits and time management awareness in order to prepare them for primiary school level education and the future. KIDA’s experienced foreign teachers will accompanied the child every steps of the way in our high-standard decorated teaching facilities to provide the best English learning environment and experience.




Program Features

1、Comprehensive curriculum: PEP program combines subjective and intelligence learning as its main course. Utilizing bilingual education as its backbone in 5 main courses: International English, Mathematical Thinking, Happy Chinese, Physical Education and Art Potential.


2、Professional and standardized training/management systems. Our teaching team utilizes their abundant experience and professional expertise to guide our students not only on subjective learning but also provide guidance on personal development and life habits.


3、Complete evaluation system and comprehensive authentic English teaching: interactive learning system with our experience foreign teachers, build the immersive English learning environment for the students and encourages them to think in English. Standardized teaching course and teaching plan to ensure a very scientific and systemic learning curve. Regular learning progress checks are the teachers, evaluate their teaching results to improve their expertise.


4、Small class set up: there will be a maximum of 10 children per class. Ensures our foreign and local teaching staff will provide enough attentions to each student. The small class set up guarantees learning results and ensures better learning environment to prepare primary school students for future education.


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