International Curriculum

Education Concept



-Exercise capacity, physical fitness

-Coordination ability, upright posture

-Self-defense, physical and mental health

-Tenacious attitude, honorable qualities

-Respect to traditional rituals, Respect to teachers




Education Features




The world’s leading Taekwondo teaching system from the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) combining elements of modern sports with traditional taekwondo, it’s more suitable for young children to learn.


Start with focusing on gaining student’s interest in taekwondo for children with no previous knowledge in this sport. Then gradually introducing them to more challenging tasks to complete a very systemic training method that focus on improving their physical coordination.


Increasing intensity of the training to further improve student’s physical strength, flexibility, explosiveness and physical endures. Preparing them for the next level of learning and training.


All students will be certified with Chinese Taekwondo Association’s level certificate and belts after passing the exams. Students will be able to see clearly how far they have come and if they see a further future in this sport.


Teaching respect and honor in physical and mental form to our students. All practices will start and end with ritual ceremony. All students must practice with respect and courtesy to develop a modest, friendly and respectful attitude. And continue to improve themselves morally and physically.




Education Team



Our coaching team consists of athletes graduated from various sporting universities. Many of them have won national level matches and rankings in their sporting career. Our coaches are all holders of national level coaching qualifications. Well experienced in coaching young children and teenagers, focusing on student’s physical and mental growth. Our training system and staff aim to build our students with tougher bodies and stronger minds.

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