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Little English Talents

2017-04-02 13:30:58

In today's world, most people are increasingly aware of the importance of speaking English. KIDA Base organise "Little English Talents" 2017 spring competition. Give your kids a chance to show up on the stage. Ten thousand scholarship is waiting for you to take, CETV English talk show is opening for you!



The competition is  jointly organized by the two educational institutions of the China Education Television Sunflower Art Troupe and KIDA Base. This competition aims to create an open-minded stage for children who are learning English, aiming to encourage them to show them-self. In their own stage, sway wisdom, to show the future of the new generation of international Feel!

Stimulate interest

English is a practical tool. It shouldn’t be lying in the books. We create all the opportunities for the children to speak English.


Enhance self-confidence

Do not give yourself the excuse to give up , kids actually more confident  , more courageous, more expressive than you think


Show yourself

Do not feel that your kid can not do it, maybe he will give you a surprise.Kid's potential are unlimited, it is all depend on how we lead


Achieve Your Dreams

Everyone want to speak fluent authentic English? However, no plot step, no to thousands of miles. Every action is a small step on the road of dream.


Ready to accept the challenge?

The competition will be divided to three groups according to age: kids group: 3-5 years; children group: 6-9 years old; youth group: 10-12 years old.

All players will be two rounds of competition

Preliminary round Competition

kids group: self introduction + talent show

Children group: self introduction + talent show

youth group: self introduction + English recitation + talent show



Kids group: self introduction + talent show + Q & A session

Children group: self introduction + talent show + Q & A session

Youth group: self introduction + topic speech + talent show


All players entering the final can participate in the "Little English Talents" special program recording which will broadcast by the China Education Television early education channel .


Game description:

A. Talent can be recited, sing, story telling, speech, performance, etc., requires positive content, must show in English. Sponsor does not provide props, please prepare it if necessary,

B. Q & A session: The judge will ask few questions about life and study. And let the players give their own answer.

C. Topic speech: choose their own familiar topic, prepare a short speech in advance, time 1-2 minutes;

PS: the competition to examine the child's pronunciation, fluency, English thinking ability, stage performance, response ability , while helping children to develop interest and confidence in English learning.


Competition and recording time:

Registration deadline: April 21, 2017.

Beginning time: April 22, 2017 - April 28 weekend 13: 00-15: 00; weekday 16: 30-19: 30.

Finals: April 29, 2017.

Training time: April 30, 2017 training, Dingzhuang, audition.

Recording time: May 1, 2017


professional team

Judge team: It is take charge of the Ministry of education teachers, and Cambridge International Children's oral English examiners, pre-school teachers and teaching and research team as a judge.

Film team: the final recording, the whole by the China Education Television early education channel television media support, and provide the most advanced blue box recording , so kids show their talent on the stage with the high-tech.


knowledge is power

To encourag children to participate in the competition, every players can win a prize of “Little English Starter“. And someone who get through to finals will win a prize of “Little English Speaker“. There is one kid will win the great prize “Perfect Little English Talent” and ten thousands scholarships. Some of other players will great prize “Advance Little English Talent” and one thousands scholarships.







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